We offer different payment methods on our website to ensure your shopping experience is as comfortable as possible. Here is a little overview.


What is PayPal?
PayPal is a secure payment method that processes payments if you choose PayPal at checkout.

We do not see any of your bank details meaning they cannot be saved by us. Find more information HERE.
How do I pay with PayPal?
If you click “direct me to PayPal” at checkout, you will be redirected to the PayPal website and can pay with your PayPal account.

If you dont have an account, you can create one and link it with your bank account or credit card.
How does PayPal work if I choose click & collect?
You can pay via PayPal as usual if you personally collect your order from our store.

If you end up not buying every item, we will transfer the money back to you via PayPal.

Credit card

How can I pay by credit card?
Choose “Credit card” at checkout. We accept all common credit cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard).
I have a bank card or debit card. Can I pay with it?
We are not able to accept bank cards as an online payment method. Most debit cards, however, have a card number or a security code. Many banks will allow paying with it.

Otherwise you can pay via SOFORT (SOFORT Online Banking), too.
What provider do you use for card payments?
Our provider is called Stripe.


What is payment by EPS?
The EPS transfer is an online payment method for webshops in Austria that is simple and secure. You pay directly via your own online banking without having to enter sensitive data in the online store.
How does an EPS transfer work?
With the EPS transfer, you pay directly via your online banking. After placing an order, you select your bank and are redirected to the corresponding login. After logging in, all you have to do is confirm your payment and your order is complete. It's that quick and easy.
How does EPS work for store-pickup?
You can pay as normal via EPS when you collect your order yourself.

If you do not take one of the items in the end, we will transfer the money back to you via EPS.

In-store payment

I have always paid cash in your store. Why can I no longer find this option?
For several reasons, we can no longer offer in-store payment. Of course, you can still pick up your order from our vintage store if you pay online in advance. Or you can also simply come to our vintage store and ask for the things you want to see, at the counter. We will then bring all your requested pieces and you can try them on directly without having to pay in advance.
I would like to try something, but I don't want to pay online. Is that possible?
Just drop by at our vintage store and show us which items you would like to try. Please note that there is a possibility that they will be sold in the meantime. If you want to avoid this, you would have to order the items from our website beforehand and pay for them online. Choose collection at the store, to then pick them up directly at our vintage store in the Volksgartenstraße in Graz.
Can I even try on the items in advance?
Of course you can still try on items in advance. There are two options: You can either come by our store and "order" the pieces at the counter and try them on. If you find something you like, you can then simply pay in cash or by card. Otherwise, if you want to have items reserved for you, you would have to pay in advance in the onlineshop. Of course you'll get your money back, if you want to return something via your chosen payment method.

Sofortüberweisung (will be discontinued as a payment method on 31.1.2024)

What is Sofortüberweisung?
Attention: Sofortüberweisung will be discontinued as a payment method on 31.1.2024. SOFORT is a payment service from Klarna that allows you to make purchases directly and immediately with your bank account without having to wait long or visit your bank.
Size Guide Women
Size Bust size Waist size Hip size
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L 98-107 cm 77-82 cm 105-112 cm
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XL 106-109 cm 95-99 cm 110-113 cm
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