Washing and caring for linen

Linen is a natural material that cools in summer. It gets softer and more comfortable with every time you wear it.

Washing linen

Washing linen in the washing machine? Easy. Anyhow we’d recommend a gentle cycle and detergent. And as always read the care label first as the fabric care varies due to attributes such as dyeing.

Drying linen

The best way to dry linen is to hang and air-dry it.

Ironing linen

Normally it’s possible to iron linen quite hot (there should be a linen setting on your iron). The easiest way to flatten the material is to iron or steam it when it’s still slightly wet.

Size Guide Women
Size Bust size Waist size Hip size
XXS <73 cm <58cm <80 cm
XS 74-81 cm 59-64 cm 80-89 cm
S 82-89 cm 65-70 cm 90-97 cm
M 90-97 cm 71-76 cm 98-104 cm
L 98-107 cm 77-82 cm 105-112 cm
XL 108-119 cm 83-88 cm 113-122 cm
XXL 120-131 cm 89 cm 123-134 cm
Size Guide Men
Size Bust size Waist size Hip size
XS <93 cm <81 cm <97 cm
S 94-97 cm 82-85 cm 98-101 cm
M 98-101 cm 86-89 cm 102-105 cm
L 102-105 cm 90-94 cm 106-109 cm
XL 106-109 cm 95-99 cm 110-113 cm
XXL 110-113 cm 100-104 cm 114-117 cm
XXXL >114 cm >105 cm >118 cm