Clean leather

Even though you’re supposedly allowed to put suede into the washing machine we wouldn’t recommend it. Preferably try brushing it with a leather brush which removes skin deep stains and looses the material.
If there are especially dirty areas brush them particularly carefully. In case of necessity you could always buy some special suede cleaning products such as a velour stone. Or you invest a little money and give dry-cleaning a shot.

If you just want to disinfect the lining we’d recommend a steamer.

Use dubbin in order to treat your nappa leather — you could also find vegan, plant-based ones. The fat will make your leather smooth and shiny.

Size Guide Women
Size Bust size Waist size Hip size
XXS <73 cm <58cm <80 cm
XS 74-81 cm 59-64 cm 80-89 cm
S 82-89 cm 65-70 cm 90-97 cm
M 90-97 cm 71-76 cm 98-104 cm
L 98-107 cm 77-82 cm 105-112 cm
XL 108-119 cm 83-88 cm 113-122 cm
XXL 120-131 cm 89 cm 123-134 cm
Size Guide Men
Size Bust size Waist size Hip size
XS <93 cm <81 cm <97 cm
S 94-97 cm 82-85 cm 98-101 cm
M 98-101 cm 86-89 cm 102-105 cm
L 102-105 cm 90-94 cm 106-109 cm
XL 106-109 cm 95-99 cm 110-113 cm
XXL 110-113 cm 100-104 cm 114-117 cm
XXXL >114 cm >105 cm >118 cm