Everything you’ve ever wanted to know will be answered here – no beating around the bush. Got more questions? Send us an email to info@dogdaysofsummer.at!


Will there be new items added to the online shop regularly?
We'll do our best to upload new items to our online shop as best as possible and make sure to have updates at least every two weeks for you.
Where is your shop in Graz located?
You can find us here: Volksgartenstraße 4-6 8020 Graz
What are your opening hours?
Monday to Friday: 12 pm to 6 pm
Saturday: 12 pm to 5 pm
Why can I open an account when I want to order something?
An account helps to save your customer information for orders you may want to place later. Alternatively, you can also order and checkout as guest.
If you would like to know more about your data and how we use it, you can read up on it here: PRIVACY POLICY.
How can I delete my account?
We are really sorry you want to leave! Should you really wish to do so, send us an email. We will delete your account as soon as possible.
Please don’t forget to tell us which email address you have used on our website, so we can match your account correctly.
And maybe we will see each other again in the future!
How can I find out if my item has flaws, like scratches or holes?
There is a detailed description of our items in which we provide precise
information about the condition and overall look of your piece of clothing and accessory respectively.
The condition can be marked as follows:

– New
(completely new items which are not second-hand, for example our bio and Fairtrade Dogdays tote bags).

– “In mint vintage condition”
(excellent vintage condition, which means no or miniscule, almost undetectable wear or small flaws on the inside of the garment/accessory that are not visible on the outside),

– “Very good vintage condition – slight wear and tear”
(very good vintage condition, meaning slight wear and tear is noticeable and is mentioned in the detailed item description)

– “Noticeable flaws”
(Flaws are noticeable and are mentioned in the detailed item description).

Please note: We do our very best to carefully examine our items. However, it is always possible for us to miss something that will consequently not be listed in the description. Should we notice any additional flaws, we will reimburse you accordingly. Should you notice any flaws, please contact us via email immediately after you have received your parcel.
Please also note that we cannot take messages sent to us after several days into account, because we cannot verify whether the flaws in the items might have been added by the customer.


Are your products really vintage or just new, but in a vintage style?
Our products are in fact vintage or at least second-hand. This means that every item has had an owner before it landed in your lap and has not been newly manufactured á la vintage style. Additionally, most of our pieces are from earlier centuries (‘50s to ‘00s)
This means they not only save resources, but also are better for you and our environment. You can find out more HERE.
How can I filter my searches?
If you open any product overview, you can click on FILTER in the top right hand corner. Now you can filter your searches based on availability (available or sale items), category, size, material, condition, colour and price.
How can I tell what size my item is?
You can find the size of the garment in the product overview by moving your mouse over the picture of the item.
You can find the size of the garment at the beginning of its additional information.
The size corresponds to a realistic estimate, meaning that the sizes sewn into the clothing when first produced may differ from today’s European sizing standards.
You can read more about this topic in our size guide HERE.
How do I find my size?
In the product overview you can filter the items, select your size and only get shown corresponding items.
How are sizes indicated?
Female sizes are indicated as XXS to XXXL and male sizes as XS to XXXL.

We come up with a realistic estimate of our items and indicate it on them, meaning that the sizes sewn into the clothing when first produced may differ from today’s European sizing standards.

With trousers, we additionally measure the waist. You can read more about this topic in our size guide HERE.
How can I better estimate the models’ sizes in relation to mine?
It is best to check out our size guide HERE. The sizes of our models are listed there; this way you can also better estimate what size you may need.
What does it mean to filter by material?
If you choose to filter by materials, for example “wool”, all items made with at least 90% of wool as part of their material are listed, excluding lining fabrics or appliqués.
So, a silk jacket with acetate lining will be displayed when the filter settings are “silk”. You can find more information about the item's materials in the product overview for separate items.
What do the icons mean when looking at an individual product?
Icons can be found before the name of the item, displaying the product's most important qualities. Here we might list, for example, the brand of an item being Burberry, that it has been upcycled or that it was made from pure silk, excluding lining fabrics and appliqués.


I tried to order five pieces, but there are only four on my receipt. Why’s that?
The products we sell on our site are only available as single/individual items.
If somebody was quicker than you and already bought the item – even if you were already at checkout – the piece will sadly be gone. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands – we are sorry for the inconvenience!
Which payment methods do you offer?
You can pay for your order via PayPal or SOFORT Online Banking. Find more information on payment methods HERE.
Where do you ship orders and what delivery options do you offer?
We offer delivery to anywhere in the world at various prices. Additionally, we provide an in-store pick up service, which is free of charge, of course. If you would like to know more about delivery options, click HERE and for more on returns, click HERE.
Should you have any more questions, you can always reach out to us via email!
I didn’t receive an order confirmation? How come?
Please check your spam/junk mail folder first. Maybe the email has ended up there. You can also add us to your address book to avoid having to search for our emails when you shop with us in the future. Should you also be unable to find an email in your spam/junk mail folder, feel free to contact us.
I haven’t received an email. Why?
Please check your spam/junk mail folder first. Maybe the email has ended
up there. You can also add us to your address book to avoid having to search for our emails when you shop with us in the future. Should you also be unable to find an email in your spam/junk mail folder, feel free to contact us.


Can I send return items?
Certainly! As regulated under the Austrian Consumer Protection Law, you have a 14-day right to return.
Who’s responsible for the return shipping costs?
The customer is responsible for any costs for return shipping.
How do I return items?
You can find information about returns HERE.


What is a wishlist?
A wishlist is a collection of items you most would like to purchase; the list is saved in your account.
Note: If you are not logged in to your account, the list may be gone next time you are browsing our site!
How do I add items to my wishlist?
Simply click on the little heart displayed on the right hand corner of any piece and it is saved to your wishlist. You can either find the heart if you go to the single product overview or complete overview of products if you move your mouse over the item.
Where can I find my saved items?
You can find your saved items by clicking on the heart in the top right hand corner of the menu on your desktop version (with the mobile version you can find the wishlist right at the top in the centre of the menu).
Can I add items to my wishlist that have already been sold?
Yes that’s possible! If you add those items to your wishlist, you can also easily see whether something becomes available again after it has been returned back to us. But this also means: better be fast! As you know, all our items are individual/single items.

Buying and Selling

Do you buy items from independent sellers/private sellers?
We don't buy items from private sellers/individuals. You are very welcome, however, to bring in clothing items you no longer wear. We will sort through them and donate the ones that don't fit our selection.
Is it possible to bring items to your shop?
As stated above, we do not buy from private sellers/individuals.
You are welcome, however, to bring in donations. We will sort through them and donate the pieces we cannot use for our store.
Do you exclusively sell online?
No, you can also find us offline in Graz! This is our address:
Volksgartenstraße 4-6 8020 Graz
We are excited to meet you!
Can I also find the pieces from your online store in your store?
No. Our online warehouse is in the same place as our store, but the items are in a separate part to eliminate duplicate sales. So it is best to order in advance online via self pickup or simply ask at the counter to try on an item from the online shop.
I saw a piece on your instastory but can't find it online. What can I do?
On our social media channels we share pieces from our online assortment, but also from our store in Graz. So the piece shown might just be from our store and therefore can't be found online. But we can always also ship it to you! Just write us an email/direct message.
Do you also have a store in Vienna? Or do you think about opening a store in Vienna?
Unfortunately not yet. But we do not exclude the possibility of opening a location in Vienna at some point!

Jobs and cooperations

Can I work for you?
Currently we do not have any open positions.

However, you can always send us a speculative application to info@dogdaysofsummer.at. Should a suitable position arise, we will contact you.
Can I do an internship with you guys?
We are always happy to receive applications for internship positions. We offer flexible working hours, varied areas of responsibility, a look behind the scenes of a young company and a young, motivated working environment.

Just send us an e-mail to info@dogdaysofsummer.at, telling us how many hours you would like to spend with us and which areas of responsibility you can imagine. We are looking forward to your message!
I am an Influencer. Can I cooperate with you?
We are always looking for cooperation partners who are a good fit for us. Read more about it HERE.
I am a photographer and would like to borrow clothes. Is that possible?
Yes! You can read more about it HERE.
I would love to model for you! How can I apply?
The best way to apply is to fill out our model application form. You can find it HERE.
Size Guide Women
Size Bust size Waist size Hip size
XXS <73 cm <58cm <80 cm
XS 74-81 cm 59-64 cm 80-89 cm
S 82-89 cm 65-70 cm 90-97 cm
M 90-97 cm 71-76 cm 98-104 cm
L 98-107 cm 77-82 cm 105-112 cm
XL 108-119 cm 83-88 cm 113-122 cm
XXL 120-131 cm 89 cm 123-134 cm
Size Guide Men
Size Bust size Waist size Hip size
XS <93 cm <81 cm <97 cm
S 94-97 cm 82-85 cm 98-101 cm
M 98-101 cm 86-89 cm 102-105 cm
L 102-105 cm 90-94 cm 106-109 cm
XL 106-109 cm 95-99 cm 110-113 cm
XXL 110-113 cm 100-104 cm 114-117 cm
XXXL >114 cm >105 cm >118 cm