Washing and caring for down

Down jackets are fluffy and puffy and super warm. Similar to other jackets, it’s not necessary to wash them all the time. Mostly airing them out will do the job. But what if there are stains on your jacket? Read below for some tips and tricks on how to wash your jacket. Still, as always: If you are unsure bring it to the dry cleaner’s.

Washing Down

Use mild detergent only — preferably special detergent for down — and be sure to close all zips beforehand. Wash inside out in a gentle cycle (such as the wool wash cycle). Don’t put other garments into the machine.

Drying Down

Drying is the most delicate thing when cleaning down. After washing, your jacket will be a wet ball of feathers that needs to be dried and loosened up.
Even though it’s not the most sustainable thing to do, tumble drying will help you doing the job. Visit your local washing saloon if you don’t own a laundry dryer yourself. Be sure to dry as cold as possible and put two tennis balls into the laundry drum. They might be loud but magical when it comes to aerating the feathers.

Ironing Down

Do not iron or steam at all.

Size Guide Women
Size Bust size Waist size Hip size
XXS <73 cm <58cm <80 cm
XS 74-81 cm 59-64 cm 80-89 cm
S 82-89 cm 65-70 cm 90-97 cm
M 90-97 cm 71-76 cm 98-104 cm
L 98-107 cm 77-82 cm 105-112 cm
XL 108-119 cm 83-88 cm 113-122 cm
XXL 120-131 cm 89 cm 123-134 cm
Size Guide Men
Size Bust size Waist size Hip size
XS <93 cm <81 cm <97 cm
S 94-97 cm 82-85 cm 98-101 cm
M 98-101 cm 86-89 cm 102-105 cm
L 102-105 cm 90-94 cm 106-109 cm
XL 106-109 cm 95-99 cm 110-113 cm
XXL 110-113 cm 100-104 cm 114-117 cm
XXXL >114 cm >105 cm >118 cm