Almost two weeks ago I spontaneously decided to go on a short weekend trip to a city which is so close and yet so far (it’s not really far, especially not from Graz, but somehow I just have never managed to go there before) – Ljubljana. With owning my own vintage store and being a vintage lover from the very first minute, I guess I can hardly deny that I am head over heels in love with preloved clothes. Therefore getting to know the local vintage scene and all the second hand stores in a new city is always on top of my to-do-list. So today I want to show you my favorite spots for finding a good thrift treasure in Ljubljana, enjoy!

Divas Vintage Store in Ljubljana
Always good for some treasure hunting – the Divas Vintage Store in Ljubljana

Divas Vintage Store

This beautiful vintage store was right around the corner from my hostel and hence the first stop of my journey. The Divas Vintage Store is definitely more on the classy and elegant side of vintage clothing. Next to beautiful blazers and super soft silky slip dresses you can also find a great selection of vintage designer pieces. And they even have their own men’s section!

No matter if you are on the hunt for a simple, yet high-quality, every day basic item or a stunning vintage dress for special occasions (the red dress from the picture would definitely catch everybody’s eye ;) ), Divas will definitely have you covered!

I found a beautiful brown silk blazer which may be the softest piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. Despite all the cute vintage items I also had a lovely chat with the daughter of the store owner which was working at the boutique on that day. She gave me great recommendations for things to do and see in Ljubljana and also an interesting insight in the second-hand scene of the city.

Vintage Clothing for Men in Divas Vintage Store Ljubljana
Preview of the men’s section in the Divas Vintage Store

Let’s talk money: In general the store is in the lower and mid price section. You can definitely find some very inexpensive pieces here (my blazer was only ten euros, but it was marked down due to some stains on the back). For special items and designer wear the price is a little bit higher, but still affordable and totally reasonable.

If you ever visit Ljubljana I can only recommend this place! :)

Adress Gosposvetska cesta 51000, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Opening Hours
 Monday to Friday: 10 am – 7 pm Saturday: 10 am – 2 pm

Moje Tvoje Vintage Store in Ljubljana, including a vintage kilo sale section
The entrace of the Moje Tvoje 2nd Hand Store

Moje Tvoje Second-Hand & Kilo Shop

The second stop of my vintage shopping tour was the Moje Tvoje Second Hand Store. Though being a little hidden in a backyard, it can easily be found due to its big sign and its location, which is directly on one of the main pedestrian streets of Ljubljana.

This store combines an interesting concept of selling goods not only per fixed prices but also per kilo. The last room of the store hosts a kilo sale area which spreads over two floors. Every week on Monday the whole sections is getting replaced with new vintage items. The price per kilo drops every day, getting lower and lower until it hits its lowest point on Sunday, being more than twice as cheap as on Monday.

In general the store hosts a good mix of newer second hand items and true vintage goods. During my visit I tried on some pieces but nothing really fit me. Though the overall selection was sometimes a little too “new” for me (if you can say that), I would definitely come back to hunt for some beautiful vintage pieces. The price varies from low to mid pricing and is definitely affordable!

Adress Gosposvetska cesta 51000, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Summer Opening Hours
 Monday-Saturday: 10 am – 8 pm Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm
Winter Opening Hours Monday-Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm

Vintage and Second Hand store Gvant in Ljubljana Insider Travel Tip
The Underdog of Ljubljanas Vintage Shopping Scene

Gvant Second Hand

The Gvant Second Hand Store is what you could call the underdog of Ljubljanas Vintage Shopping Scene. Though located a little out of the city center in a big shopping area, it can easily be reached by bike within 10 minutes. Renting a bike in Ljubljana can be as cheap as only one euro per week and can be done via the Bicikel App (which I can highly recommend!).

At first I was a little bit confused because the store was said to be located in a complex which, on my arrival, was completely empty and not one single person was around. Don’t let this first impression fool you. You just have to walk downstairs and then walk right down a hallway until you reach the end and you will enter the gates of the Gvant Second Hand Store.

Vintage and Second Hand store Gvant in Ljubljana Insider Travel Tip
The rags in the Gvant Second Hand Store in Ljubljana

The store immediately reminded me of big US thrift stores, or a smaller version of them. On high rags you can find a variety of second hand and vintage items. Gvant Second Hand also hosts an extra section where vintage pieces from the 80s, 90s and so on, are being collected and showcased to help the visitors find the true gems.

So if you are in for the hunt and love to dig for vintage treasures I can only recommend this store. May seem a little rough at first, but if you wanna find the good stuff you have to ignore this fact. Prices are pretty low too!

Adress Šmartinska cesta 152, BTC Ljubljana, Dvorana 3, Update: The store seems to have moved to another location. Make sure to check out their Facebook Page to have the right adress
Opening Hours Monday-Saturday: 9 am – 8 pm

Textile House Second Hand

The Textil Houses in Ljubljana are part of the Textile House Second Hand Chain which can be found in various cities all over Europe. The stores almost explicitly host a selection of used goods from fast-fashion brands but if you dig deep there may be some vintage goodies waiting for you!

Adress Resljeva cesta 1, 1000 Ljubljana
Opening Hours
 Monday-Friday: 9 am – 7 pm Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm Sunday: 9 am – 2 pm

Pulz Second Hand & Vintage

Pulz Second Hand will definitely be one of the reasons (next to the best massage I’ve ever had) why I’d come back to this beautiful city. Unfortunately I didn’t get the opening hours right and wanted to visit the store on a Saturday, where it is closed.

However, due to its Instagram profile it is definitely a vintage store I want to visit (well, I might be easily charmed by a beautiful social media feed). And, next to some sweet and spicy vintage treasures, the store also provides stunning art pieces from local artists (so cool isn’t it?).

So if you visit the store before I have the chance to go there, definitely let me know if you’ve liked it in the comments (I am always up for some good insider information ;) ).

Adress Metelkova ulica 7b, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Opening Hours
 Monday – Friday: 11 am – 7 pm

Flea markets in Ljubljana

The City of Ljubljana hosts a flea market every Sunday. If you are into antiques and beautiful furniture it’s definitely the place to be, however if you are looking for vintage clothing it might be the wrong place for you.

The lovely lady from Divas Vintage told me that unfortunately buying Vintage and Second Hand clothing is not yet as big as a trend in Ljubljana as it might be in other countries of the world. Therefore local flea markets only provide interior stuff and so on.

However, there may be some flea markets in the rural areas of Slovenia which are not known yet. So if you have information on that kind of treasure hunting places, don’t hesitate to tell us! :)

That was my thrift guide for Ljubljana, I hope you enjoyed it! Leave a comment if you have any updates or additions to make to the different stores, or if you just wanna spread some love. Have a lovely day!