I’ve planned this bralette project for a very long time now – and last weekend I finally decided to do it. I have to admit: I was a little bit “scared” because I thought it would be very time-consuming and complicated. But it turned out to be pretty simple, especially because I didn’t use a closing or something like that but just elastic straps and ribbons

So just try it yourself! :)
What you need:

* Lace fabric (mine was 20 cm long
* Elastic lace (as long as your underbust measurement plus 2 cm)
* Thin, elastic ribbon for the straps
* Needle, pins, thread (in the colour of your fabric)

How to make it:
1. Start with cutting out two squares same size (mine were 20×20 cm) out of the fabric. One of the four sides should be with lace now, this one is the side in the middle of your bralette. With a bra or your breast measure how much fabric in the middle you won’t need of this square. Pin it with pins (like on picture 1).
2. Sew along this line (I did it by hand, I think it’s the easiest way here) and cut the fabric inside away. It should look something like the thing on picture 2.
3. Do step 2 again, just mirror-inverted. If you lay the two pieces next to each other it should look like picture 3.
4. Now take your elastic ribbon and sew it together. Try it on, now is the chance to change anything if it’s not fitting! Then pin the two bra-cups on the ribbon. As you can see, my cups were a little bit overlapping.
Try it again and change, if necessary. Then sew the cups on the ribbon (I also did this by hand). Cut away the fabric you don’t need.
5. Sew an elastic thread at the top of your bra-cups. I folded mine because I like the look. Now try your bralette on again and measure, how long your straps have to be. I crossed my straps at the back, so my back part is not that “normal” anymore. But of course that’s a matter of taste :)
Mark the part of your straps and ribbon clearly.
6. Now sew the straps on.
7. Try your blalette on the last time and cut your cups in proper form if necessary. And – wow – you’ve finished! :)
Idea, Text, Photos: Diana Ranegger