Green velvet is one of the best fabrics ever: It’s soft, flowing and has a deep, dark colour which reminds us of torrential rivers and beautiful leaves. Perfect for a long, gracile coat which looks great in nature over a silver dress but in the city over cool shorts, too.

What you need:

* Velvet fabric, ca. 2 metres
* Sewing machine
* Pins, scissors, chalk

How to make it:

1. Cut a rectangle out of your fabric, your shoulder length plus 30 cm wide and as long, as you want the kimono to be long. This is the back part. Leave a neckline (see a picture of it here). 2. Cut out two more rectangles, as long as the first, but only as wide as one shoulder plus 15 cm. (So as wide as one side of your first rectangle width without neckline – here you can find a picture.) 3. Sew the two smaller rectangles left and right on your bigger rectangle. Leave a hole for the sleeves. 4. Measure the scale of the holes for the sleeves and cut two other rectangles out of the fabric. They should be as wide as the scale of the holes. These are your sleeves. 5. Sew them on your kimono – it should look similar to this picture. 6. Finished! Your kimono is ready to see the city!


Idea, Words: Diana Ranegger | Photographs: Diana Ranegger and Clarissa Kober