vintage mom jeans customized shirt Dogdays of Summer Vintage Onlineshop GrazMom jeans – with their legs rolled up – are the perfect fall garment. Not too warm but warm enough for those autumnal breezes and super-super stylish… We just LOVE them! In this post we show you how versatile mom jeans can be.

vintage mom jeans casual outfit customized shirt Dogdays of Summer Vintage Onlineshop GrazCasual Day Outfit

As mom jeans are cut quite high they are the perfect thing to combine with a long-sleeve crop top! We wear this outfit with high-heel-sandals and one of our customized vintage shirts.

vintage mom jeans classy chic outfit Dogdays of Summer Vintage Onlineshop GrazClassy Business Outfit

Who says mom jeans are just for the casual day outfit? We styled them classy and made them ready for the office! Combined with high heels; a white, chic blouse and a blazer you rock the next meeting as well as the lunch break (but don’t forget to use a napkin in order to protect your blouse from stains! ;)
vintage mom jeans soft grunge party outfit red velvet top shoulder less Dogdays of Summer Vintage Onlineshop GrazGrunge Night Outfit

Even though mom jeans are high waisted you can also wear them a few sizes bigger and low-waist! With a shoulder-less velvet crop top you get an extra “grungy” look. Black high heels and a shiny, black belt make the outfit ready for the next party!

Idea: Dogdays of Summer | Styling: Clarissa Kober and Diana Ranegger | Words: Diana Ranegger | Photographs: Clarissa Kober | Editing: Diana Ranegger