And here is a new one of our “3 Styles By” series! Today it’s Diana’s turn and she’s gonna show you three of her styled vintage outfits, all perfectly easy to imitate as most clothes will be in your closet anyway ❤️

Outfit 1 – Double D

I’m a huge fan of jeans – most of the time I’d prefer a pair of well-fitting pants to skirts. For a more unique style I’ve updated these jeans a little and painted black and white flames on each leg (easily done with fabric colours – and so effective!).

Paired with a denim jacket you have the perfect Double D(enim) style. An outfit I like on days when I’m not that into flashy colours (which is not often, but at least sometimes). I finished the outfit with black patent-leather shoes, nude lipstick and golden jewellery.

Outfit 2 – Reverse it

Instead of wearing my underwear, some t-shirt and a sweater I did it the other way round: First the sweater, THEN the underwear! Because even if it might not look like it I’m actually wearing a nightgown above my sports pullover. I love the contrast of black lace and sporty vibes!

As the chemise is still a bit sheer I decided to wear some tights with it and went for a more interesting pair to spice it up a little. Together with my favourite earrings and my favourite shoes the style might be one of my favourite outfits… ;)

Outfit 3 – Typical Vintage Vibe

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m more the pants kinda girl so also jeans for outfit number three. Actually I wanted to do something really “vintage-inspired” (even if every single outfit is vintage here) – so more earthy colours (I wanted the three styles to be totally different).

Light blue jeans, brown leather shoes, -bag and -belt paired with a dark green suede jacket seemed to be the perfect combination. I love the look of the  light grey Levi’s sweater which I just cut off to show more of the jeans, as easy as that. Oh and to finish the look I painted my lips in another shade of brown – one of my favourites of all time!

Well and now it’s your turn – what’s your favourite outfit? What style would you prefer? :)

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Idea, Words and Styles: Diana Ranegger | Photographs: Liza Catlin, Johanna Dorner and Julia Dimitrova