As there is so much trash in this world we try to do everything to reduce our daily amount of plastic. In this series we will show you some cheap and easy ways to do the same – try them, every step counts! :)

holzzahnbürste_2The one thing (nearly) everyone of us does (nearly) every day at least once is brushing our teeth. As you should change your tooth brush quarterly you collect a lot of plastic trash – including the packaging. Thus we tried an alternative: Wooden tooth brushes!

Clarissa found her brushes in the internet, I even found some at a local retailer in our city. They cost around 3-4€ (mine was 3,30€ I think) and consist of vegan and biodegradable materials.

Positive aspects 
1. The most important thing is the sustainable aspect: You neither have plastic packaging nor a tooth brush out of plastic. If you throw your brush away you can just put it into the organic waste trash bin as it is 100% biodegradable. And healthier for sure.
2. Seriously. What’s the most visible difference between plastic and wooden tooth brushes? Right! The wooden ones are looking good! No childish plastic things in shitty colours anymore, but clean and simple shapes.
3. I have to admit – you have to get used to the wooden smell. But since I’ve grown accustomed to it I really like it: Both, smell and taste.
4. Of course there are cheaper tooth brushes but the wooden ones are really affordable and the material definitely worth the price.
Negative aspects
1. As the bristles aren’t welded they can fall out – it happened with one of the holes in my tooth brush. The others stay at their place.
2. Clarissa made another negative experience: One of her brushes started to break in half, which didn’t happen to mine.

Of course wooden tooth brushes aren’t perfect and they have their minor defects but they are good-looking, good-smelling and perfectly sustainable. So try it, maybe it’s the perfect alternative for you!
holzzahn-11 holzzahnbürsteholzzahn-13Credits:

Idea: Clarissa Kober and Diana Ranegger; Words, Photographs: Diana Ranegger