Video: Trailer “Sweatshop” Part 1, a short-documentary-series where famous Norwegian and Swedish fashion bloggers go to Cambodia to see how the clothes they are wearing – and promoting on their blog! – get produced. You can watch the latest series HERE.

Today in 2013, 1134 people were killed for different kinds of sweatshops when the Rana Plaza complex in Bangladesh collapsed. We know that these were 1134 people too much and want to join Fashion Revolution to set an example against the fast fashion craze. This week thousands of people have already turned the labels of their garments inside out and asked the brands #whomademyclothes?
But one week of awareness is not enough. We need to start thinking and stop backing the huge chains, no matter if H&M, Zara or Primark. Buy less but good stuff, support local designers with fair production or buy your clothes second hand. Fair fashion doesn’t have to be monotonous, boring or “eco-looking”. There are thousands of possibilities and styles, more unique and longer-lasting than clothes available in big, cheap chains today.

To give you an example, we asked people how they would style their favourite Dogdays of Summer piece and took photos of our own daily vintage outfits. As you can see: Fair fashion can be so beautiful and versatile. Could you guess that all of these outfits are fair and second hand?
And these are the lovely people behind the outfits:
1st line: Johanna, CEO at Dogdays of Summer | Philipp, sound designer and online sales manager | Diana, CEO at Dogdays of Summer | Philipp
2nd line: Johanna | Elisabeth, young designer | Elisabeth | Astrid, blogger at HIRAELLE
3rd line: Johann | Astrid | Marlene, articled graphic designer | Peter, photographer at tasty
4th line: Clarissa, CEO at Dogdays of Summer | Philipp | Diana | Clarissa

Idea, Words, Collage: Diana Ranegger | Photos: Owner stated below